Brand Identity

Aliene, a Cape Town-based costume design studio, takes its name from its co-founders Leanie and Elaine, whose names happen to be anagrams of each other. The studio specialises in creating fashion-adjacent costumes for clients in the performing arts, film industry, and private clients.

In creating a brand identity for Aliene, we wanted to capture the essence of their unconventional approach to costume design, whilst connecting with the homophone 'alien’. Drawing inspiration from admired fashion designers and houses such as Miyake, Alaïa, and Balenciaga, we created custom letters that capture the bold and innovative spirit of Aliene. The logo is a fusion of the concepts 'to dress up' and 'extraterrestrial', reflecting the brand's playful and creative approach to costume design.

We are excited to continue working with Aliene on this ongoing project! and we look forward to seeing how it continues to grow and evolve.