Report Design
Client: Rape Crisis England and Wales  |    Services: Editorial design  |    Year: 2021

Rape Crisis England and Wales (RCEW) is a feminist organisation that supports the work of Rape Crisis Centres across England and Wales. They also raise awareness and understanding of sexual violence and abuse in all its forms. They approached Tyla and I to design and illustrate ‘Holding it together’, a report which shows the immense impact the pandemic has had on victims and survivors of sexual violence and how Rape Crisis Centres have had to drastically increase service provision to meet demand.

We wanted the report to feel warm and approachable, to represent the work RCEW are doing. We did this by introducing two new fonts, three new colours to their current palette and used soft tints of the colours to fill pages and information boxes. We created engaging and textured illustrations, and extended the texture to the graphs. 

Illustrations by Tyla Mason

See the full report here