Branding  |  Client: Alison Rachel

“Recipes For Self-Love (RFSL) is motivational in it’s gentle encouragement for us to challenge and disrupt oppressive power structures that exist externally as well as the ones we’ve all internalised; such as unrealistic beauty standards and inferiority complexes like imposter syndrome.”

RFSL is a resource created by Alison Rachel. It takes the shape of a popular Instagram page and a monthly mailer called Love Letters. To embody the qualities of RFSL, the identity is playful whilst still having a strong presence-there is a nice balance between creativity and approachability.

Love Letters, Recipes for Self-Love’s monthly mailer

A space where Alison explores relatable and often challenging topics to see if we can change the way we engage with them.

We wanted the identity for the mailer to stand on it’s own, seperate from RFSL, whilst still interacting with it nicely. A simple solution for this was to use the existing dot and heart (from the ‘i’  and the dash) and use them in the same order for Love Letters.