Recipes for Self-love

Visual identity, 2018/2022

A motivational resource created by Alison Rachel

The Brief

Recipes for Self-Love (RFSL) is a motivational resource created by Alison Rachel that aims to challenge and disrupt oppressive power structures, both internally and externally. With a popular Instagram page and a monthly mailer called Love Letters, RFSL needed a cohesive brand identity that would align with its goals and resonate with its audience. It needed to be playful, approachable and consistent with Alison's illustrations.

What we did

Alison's beautiful illustrations provided a strong foundation for our work, serving as a starting point for the identity. We carefully selected the colour palette from her diverse portfolio of illustrations, ensuring a seamless integration of her visuals within the identity. Our aim was to create a warm and approachable identity that welcomes and engages individuals, whilst still having a strong presence.

We then extended the identity to LoveLetters. By incorporating the dot and heart from the RFSL logo, we established a visual connection between the two. For the promotion of the mailer we had fun exploring different ways to showcase the word "love" using custom lettering.

Illustrations by Alison Rachel.

How everyone felt

"Emma was instrumental in shaping the visual identity of my brand. When working on new projects I always feel at peace knowing that when she’s on board I will get the best. Emma is adept at truly seeing and understanding a brand and crafting beautiful design to communicate its essence authentically. Not only is she super talented, she’s also just a pleasure to work!" Alison Rachel founder of Recipes for Self Love

Working with Alison is always a dream, she is a powerhouse and it's so fun being a part of her magic.

💌 💌 💌