Visual identity, 2020

Costume design studio in Cape Town

The brief

Aliene, a Cape Town-based costume design studio, takes its name from the anagram of its co-founders' names, Leanie and Elaine, a detail that made the job feel special from the start. The studio specialises in creating fashion-adjacent costumes for people in the performing arts, film industry, and private clients. Their bold and dynamic approach permeates their work, the designs take on a life of their own. Their attention to detail and careful consideration ensure that each piece they create is impactful, and stays in your mind long after you see it. A visual identity was needed to showcase the individuality and creativity of Aliene.

What we did

Our aim in developing Aliene's visual identity was to encapsulate their unconventional costume design approach while embracing the homophone "alien". We crafted custom letters that embody Aliene's bold and innovative spirit, resulting in a logo that fuses the concepts of 'dressing up' and 'extraterrestrial'. The identity has a base of black and white, while any colour can be pulled upon for the secondary palette.

We are excited to continue working with Aliene on this ongoing project! and look forward to seeing how they continue to grow and evolve.

Imagery Credits

  1. Cape Colours
    Photographer: @petrovskyramone
    Costume Design / Styling: Aliene
  2. Still from a Hennessy advert, featuring Sho Madjozi
    Costume Design: Aliene
  3. Yardley advert
    Original photograph: @ricardosimal
    Costume Design / Styling: Aliene
    4.Disco Creatives' short film
    Costume Design / Styling: Aliene