Francesca Faulin

Visual identity, Publication, 2020

Film photographer

The Brief

Visual artist and writer based in Lisbon Francesca Faulin is an artist originally from Venice. Her work is primarily about identity and spans across photography, writing and research. Images and words, drawn from both an inner world that represents chaos and external sources, are means to explore the importance and the role of memory in shaping the narrative of our own existence. Francesca Faulin

Francesca needed a visual identity for her photography work, and assistance with the design of her first photobook.

What we did

Emma and Francesca closely collaborated to bring this project to life. They began by creating a basic brand identity for Francesca, taking inspiration from her photographs. Together, they then worked on the design of Francesca's first photobook, "Perché ti ricordi sempre" (For you to always remember), which explores the interconnected narratives of personal identity, and the multi-generational journey of women who were both constrained by societal expectations and sought liberation from their familial roles of motherhood. The photobook is accompanied by a timeline poster featuring the photos from the book, providing a visual journey through its contents. Francesca's clear vision took the lead throughout the project, with Emma providing guidance and assistance to bring that vision to life.

All photographs are Francesca Faulin